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Vision, Mission & Values


Lyn Knoll Elementary will be a community school that ensures every student becomes a lifelong learner, a leader in our community, and an empathetic individual who lifts others.


Lyn Knoll Elementary will create an inclusive culture of excellence in which everyone is a learner, by cultivating character through strategic social-emotional education, celebrating diversity by providing authentic, individualized learning and creating a community where everyone can be a leader who lifts others around them.


We Learn...

  • Students learn through engaging academic instruction that meets their individual needs

We Lead...

  • Students develop social-emotional learning skills in order to be leaders in their community

We Lift...

  • We lift each other in our school community by being compassionate and providing equitable access to resources

Your Community School

Lyn Knoll values its ties to the community. Because we are a small school, we pride ourselves on our close-knit, family-oriented culture. Through our open-door policy, we believe families and staff are able to build the relationships necessary to ensure every student is successful. Lyn Knoll is your community school and offers:

- Two family liaisons

- Weekly Community Meetings

- A community garden

- Parent and family involvement committee

- Multiple opportunities for family engagement